Monday, March 12, 2012

DIY Easter Tea Light Candle Holder

Trolling My Pintrest has done wonders for my crafting. I mostly use it for inspiration and to kick start my inner crafter when she's feeling sluggish. And, this Easter Tea Light Holder is no different. It was inspired by this image I saw posted via the Spirello Blog. I reinvented the craft to be made with plain sewing string, tacky glue, and a small balloon. Here's how...

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ONE After you've gathered your materials, tie the spool of string to the end of the balloon.
TWO Then put some tacky glue on the end of your pointer finger, and run the string between your pointer finger and thumb in order to coat it with glue as you wrap the string around the balloon. (I find there is less clean up, when I do it this way)
THREE Let the string dry for a few hours, or over night, then pop the balloon. (The string will probably collapse in on the balloon, but don't be alarmed - it is normal.)
FOUR The holder is very durable, so don't worry about ruffing it up a bit as you peel away the balloon. Just be sure to detach the string that you tied to it in the beginning.
FIVE At this point, the holder is flexible and the bottom can be pressed down as the base and any excess strand of string should be trimmed off.

As you can see in the top picture, I put tea light candles in the holders, but depending on the size of your holder a verity of candles can be use.

I also tested out the flammability of the holders. As with all candles, I do not recommend leaving them unattended, but the candle itself should not effect the holder even when it has burned for hours at a time. If the holder does catch fire it wont have a chemical reaction with the glue, which was something I was concerned about. Click here for more candle safety tips.

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